• ACOG Practice Bulletin: using prophylactic antibiotics with CD

    All patients undergoing CD should receive prophylactic antibiotics.

  • Guidelines for perioperative care of women who deliver by CD

    The ERAS process has been applied to obstetrical care.

  • ED-based pharmacist linked to better antibiotic-guideline adherence

    And appropriate ED prescriptions correlate with appropriate inpatient therapy.

  • Cirrhosis with ascites: weekly ciprofloxacin effective for preventing SBP

    Randomized trial shows similar efficacy vs standard daily norfloxacin.

  • Refractory C diff: multiple fecal transplants 100% effective in open-label trial

    Patients with pseudomembranous colitis were among those entirely cured.

  • Long-term PPI use linked to higher pneumonia risk

    Study accounted for users' pneumonia history prior to treatment.

  • Recurrent CDI: microbiota-based drug shows partial efficacy in phase 2b trial

    Primary endpoint not met, but data are promising.

  • Managing C difficile: multisociety guidelines for adults and children

    Guidelines from the IDSA and SHEA.

  • Colorectal surgery: procalcitonin to detect postoperative intra-abdominal infection

    Meta-analysis derives cutoff value for POD 5.

  • FDA approves oral vancomycin for C difficile and MRSA GI infections

    An oral solution offers an alternative to compounding.

  • Acute diverticulitis: no evidence for low-fiber diet or bowel rest

    Authors recommend a liberalized diet.

  • High-dose metronidazole in H pylori eradication: meta-analysis

    It makes a significant difference amid high resistance.

  • Infliximab might impair hepatitis B vaccine response

    More data on anti-TNF effects on seroprotection.

  • L’aspirina riduce il rischio di sviluppare tumori gastrici in seguito a infezione da H pylori

    L’uso di aspirina è associato a una riduzione del 70% del rischio di tumori dopo eradicazione di H pylori.

  • Can probiotics support pregnancy health?

    Intake during pregnancy linked to lower risk for preeclampsia and preterm labor.

  • Clostridium difficile on the rise in peripartum women

    Pneumonia is an especially prominent risk factor.

  • Influenza: benefits of annual vaccination outweigh interference risk

    Protective effect persists despite vaccine interference.

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