• High-dose metronidazole in H pylori eradication: meta-analysis

    It makes a significant difference amid high resistance.

  • Combining PPIs, thienopyridines raises stroke risk

    A meta-analysis of 22 studies involving over 131K patients.

  • Patologie digestive: Le notizie essenziali di gennaio 2018
    Patologie digestive: Le notizie essenziali di gennaio 2018

    Probiotici e C. diff. | Il ritardo nel trattamento per H. pylori peggiora gli esiti dell’ulcera | Linee guida sui neuromodulatori per le malattie funzionali GI | Effetti dei farmaci non antibiotici sulla flora intestinale.

  • PPI-stroke link traces in part to confounders

    History of peptic ulcer disease, GERD, gastrointestinal bleeding attenuate link.

  • Fewer hospitalizations for GI patients with IV iron

    A retrospective study suggests IV iron may be better choice than oral formulations.

  • Delayed H pylori treatment after ulcer diagnosis is strongly linked to worse outcomes

    The longer the wait, the more ulcers and cancers.

  • Pathological gastric changes reversible after H pylori eradication

    After several years, metaplasia and atrophic gastritis disappeared completely in some patients.

  • Clarithromycin for H pylori more likely to fail in macrolide-exposed patients

    Macrolide prescription in last 10-12 years correlates with lower eradication rates.

  • Weekend admission worse than weekday for some patients with GI bleed

    Higher mortality found in meta-analysis.

  • Dementia risk is not elevated for older PPI users

    A cohort study among nearly 3500 older adults.

  • Upper GI bleed prognostication with RDW

    Higher levels correlated with high-risk bleeds.

  • Gli inibitori di pompa aumentano il rischio di cancro gastrico dopo terapia eradicante per H. pylori

    Oltre quattro casi in più ogni 10.000 persone trattate per un anno: ecco perché bisogna stare attenti con le prescrizioni

  • Beta-blockers and risk for upper GI bleed

    No protective effect in a population-based study.

  • PPIs: risk for stroke, MI rises with long-term use and high doses

    Nationwide cohort study show greatest risk with high doses.

  • Fluoroquinolones and prolonged GI perforation risk

    Higher adjusted perforation risks even months after a course of antibiotics.

  • Pepsinogen ratio as biomarker to confirm H pylori eradication

    Sensitivity, specificity, and validity are all more than 93%.

  • Big data identifies surprising connections between illnesses
    Big data identifies surprising connections between illnesses

    The findings could change how certain diseases are treated in the future.

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